Best Tips to Look Good When Wearing White

All people can wear white, but there are some tips to follow to make sure that they are worn right. Remember that when you choose the wrong shade of white, your complexion may look dull and sullen. Aside from choosing the right shade, there are other aspects you have to look into when it comes to wearing white. First, you have to consider what to wear underneath and over the white dress.

Consider your skin tone first.

It’s important to pair your chosen shade of white with your skin tone to pull off the best look. When you happen to look drab and sullen, this means you got the wrong shade. It’s better to change it right away.

Warm whites are great for fair skin. Stark whites must be avoided since they only tend to wash out. For an olive complexion, cool white is the best match so are rum, champagne, and silk white. For someone who has a dark complexion, any shade of white will do.

Try to match the dress material to the occasion.

Different materials can be used for white dresses. This can be crepe, breezy cotton, linen, or heavy wool. A white and flowing maxi dress will make a beautiful beach outfit. When it comes to office wear, you can choose a dress that is made of crepe or wool for you to look formal and professional.

Choose undergarments that go well with your skin tone.

Go for a simple bra and underwear without lace or any form of embellishment. Make sure that you match the color of the dress to your skin tone. Avoid wearing anything with patterns, colors, and textures that become visible under the white dress.

You may also have to wear a slip underneath the dress. Put your hand underneath the dress, if your hand is visible, it means you have to wear a nude slip underneath the dress. Make sure that it is clear and plain and a few centimeters or inches shorter than the dress.

Choose a bold color for your footwear.

Consider white dresses as a blank canvass, and this presents a great venue to add just about any color you want to the ensemble. The classic pair is a pair of red shoes. You may complete this with a red belt, lipstick, and clutch. If you don’t want red, you may try emerald green as a replacement.

For the glam look, try metallics.

White dresses would look great with silver or gold heels. For an evening outfit, you may wear strappy sandals. During daytime, you may have a more casual look with a bootie. Copper, pearl, bronze, and any other metallic shade will go well with any white garment.

You can easily show off your favorite statement jewelry with white dresses.