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Cpu temp windows 10. How to See the CPU Temperature in Windows 10

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We all know that the CPU temperature should not be too high. A high temperature would cause damage to the CPU, even the computer. But what’s the high temperature of a CPU? How to check CPU temperature if we need to manage it? Read on to discover some tips that will answer the above questions. If you want to know the maximum temperature of your CPU, you can check it through the CPU manufacture’s official website.

If you want to control the temperature, you need to know the real-time data. How can you know what temperature the CPU is running at? There are there ways available for you to view the CPU temperature.

The easiest and quickest way to check the real-time temperature of the CPU is using applications. Many software supports to monitor real-time CPU temperature. GPU-Z has a concise interface and it occupies little memory. Open it and click the “Senors” tab, you can see the real-time temperature of the CPU. The red stripe on the right side shows the variation of the temperature, which can be seen from the figure. The data is easy to find. When opening Open Hardware Monitor, remember to run it as administrator.

Because running it in normal users may result in a lack of temperature information. HWiNFO has relatively comprehensive support for all kinds of sensors. It is a good choice for those who want to learn more about the computer or look at the data to make more conclusions.

Through it, you can not only monitor the current temperature of the CPU but also know its max and mini temperature during the run times of the software. The power consumption is very tiny when the computer is just turned on.

The temperature, which is viewed on the BIOS when the computer is just running, couldn’t reflect the normal operating temperature of your CPU exactly. Therefore, it’s suggested to restart the computer and enter the BIOS after the computer has been running for a while. If it doesn’t work, refer to your computer’s manual.

On some computers, you need to click Power to enter the next interface to see the CPU temperature. Manufacturers provide many tools for us to use, including tools for overclocking, checking temperature, etc. These tools need to be searched by the motherboard model. Therefore, we need to search the motherboard model on the manufacturer’s official website, to find those tools.

Follow this procedure to view CPU temperature via tools provided by manufacturers:. Type wmic baseboard get product, manufacturer and press “Enter”. Then you can see the manufacture and model of the motherboard. Record it. To search the motherboard on the official website, click the result to its details page and then click “Support” to find tools. After selecting the system, you can see the tools Asus provided for the motherboard. There may be many tools available from the manufacturer, including but not limited to Audio, USB, etc.

We need to look for tools that display CPU temperature, like tools that show system information. Once you’ve made your decision, download the tool you’ve chosen. Then check the CPU temperature after the tool is installed. For Windows. Data Recovery. Products Articles.



How to Check the CPU Temperature in Windows – Make Tech Easier

Now that you know how to check смотрите подробнее CPUs temperature and how to keep it at a reasonable level, did you use any of the third-party tools discussed to monitor it? You can also use the Core Temp tool, one of cpu temp windows 10 best CPU temperature tools for Windows, to monitor the temperatures download here. Using Open Wndows Monitor 5. Yes No. This Intel-recommended system tool is available as a free trialware for 30 days.