Must-have shirts to stock your closet with

Must-have shirts to stock your closet with

Shirts for men are among the most widespread pieces of apparel. Shirts for men – full sleeve shirts- are now worn often by women. Additionally, it is among the most popular items of clothing worn by individuals to work. Therefore, we will only discuss men’s shirts in this section. Men’s shirts come in different styles like formal shirts for work, printed shirts for casual trips, etc.

Additionally, not everybody looks nice in all shirt styles. Shirts are the perfect outfit for men, which come in various sizes, colours, and patterns according to one’s taste. Below we will discuss different types of shirts. Shirts could be long sleeves, 1⁄2 sleeves, full sleeves, & short sleeves, regular fit shirts, and slim fit shirts.

Benefits of shirts

1- Best for every season

Regular fit shirts and slim fit shirts are fashionable in both the winter and the summer. It protects the skin’s epidermis and prevents it from coming into contact with direct sunlight in the summer. As a result, it shields the skin from the harm that the sun’s dangerous UV rays may do, which could also lead to skin cancers. It also guards against tanning.

And during the winter, it serves as an additional layer beneath the several sweaters and jackets we put on to remain hot and protect one from the elements. Likewise, you can go for half-sleeved shirts during summer to get the cool comfy look.

2- A perfect fit for everybody

Half-sleeved shirts may look good on certain men, but it is a tricky piece to style and work with. However, on the other hand, everyone looks well in long sleeve shirts and they are easier to style and flaunt.

For the summer season, a half-sleeve shirt is the ideal option. In addition to wearing it to work, it can go casually. Men with a broad chest and muscular definition enhance the look of half sleeve shirts. Exercising at the gym will be worthwhile because it enhances the body’s contour. Remember to always tuck the shirts in when wearing them to work. When worn with casual pants or shorts, your shirts can be untucked.

Even if we adore long-sleeved button-up shirts with rolled sleeves, fashion has evolved and it is no longer in trend. It is trickier than you may imagine. The art of styling is tough to capture, learn and imbibe in your day to day. Because of this, donning a short shirt always draws attention.

  • Maintaining your personality while showcasing your sense of style is possible by wearing a neutral-coloured shirt with chinos & loafers or business-casual shoes.
  • With cream-coloured chinos, brown shoes, and a brown leather belt, wear a black short-sleeved shirt. There you can enhance a fierce business attire!

3- For weekend use, layer it under a t-shirt:

For the weekend, you can pair a half-sleeved shirt with a striking print that you can wear open or beneath a t-shirt without any pattern. The selection needs to be very specific since it needs to go with or enhance the shirt.

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