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I managed to locate the username and password for my Acronis account. I eventally discovered how to navigate to where my registered products are listed.

I found the serial number for my old version. I really don’t think anybody should have to do all this merely to re-install a product they have already purchased.

Someone at Acronis should seriously think this through. Does anyone know – do I have to preserve both the old and new serial number if I should have to install Acronis TI again? Yes you do have to save both since you have purchased an upgrade. Simply having to add the old version is proof that you qualify for the upgrade. Many vendors take that approach including Microsoft. As you have an upgrade version of TI then yes you will need both serial numbers for every install.

I make a txt file with the number as the file name, then also paste the number in the body of the document and save this to my backup drive as a individual file.

If you save your serials like bodgy does and I do as well then all you have to do is cut and paste the serial numbers. Use Ctrl-C to copy and Ctrl-V to paste. Right click often doesn’t work in serial number boxes. There are many panic posts on the TI forum because the users don’t treat serial numbers and downloaded software install files with the care and respect that they deserve.

Disk goes away, some issue occurs with the backup and a reinstall of OS and Apps is necessary but it can’t be done because the serial numbers and install files for downloaded apps are lost – panic! Lee wrote: “When loading True Image it asks for the serial number which I enter.

I’ve checked our registration and order base and was not able to trace any orders except Acronis True Image Upgrade. Could you please clarify what product you’re upgraded from to Acronis True Image Home and where this full previous version was purchased?

I have identical problem as earlier poster. I’ve purchased and somehow successfully upgraded it from 11 on my main machine It didn’t ask me for an old serial number that I recall , but now I want to load it onto a machine at my weekend location and am being asked for my old serial number. What now? If you registered your TI11 purchase in your Acronis account, you’ll be able to log on and download the serail number. Other than that you’ll have to send all your details – name, invoice date, where purchased from, payment method and info to Acronis Sales.

I bought acronis true image version 9 by package Disk Expert 3 Micro Application, your formal distributor in France. I suggest you either email Sales or contact Chat with your purchasing details, they should then be able to fix the licence problem. I ran into this issue with trying to reinstall my paid-for ATI Upgrade. The installer kept asking for the serial number of the previous product. So, at least as far as ATI Upgrade is concerned, its installer didn’t see any qualifying installed product Maxblast in this case for the upgrade to automatically install using just the serial number provided when you purchased the upgrade.

Thus, if you previously had Maxblast or similar program installed Seagate provided a similar program with their hard disks but that program no longer is present and you can’t reinstall it for lack of the CD which came with your hard drive, then you will not be able to reinstall your paid-for ATI Upgrade unless you first reinstall Maxblast or the equivalent Seagate drive cloning software.

Anyway, try installing MaxBlast, reboot, and then see if you can run the ATI installer without it asking you for a previous serial number. So I email on december 3rd sav microapp. True Image accept my licence number and it works with it since i bought it. The only problem is the registration Philippe , could you please send me a Private Message with your serial number, so I’ll check what went wrong and fix the issue with the registration? This may be correct in some cases but not in all.

My machine died and I tried to install it on the new one. Besides asking for the serial number, which I have on my order form, it also asked for the serial number of the product from which I had upgraded. This is rather strange, as I upgraded from Seagate Disk Wizard, which is another Acronis product given away for free by Seagate. So I chatted to both companies and got no answers. What sort of way is this to treat customers?

The purchase was less than one year ago, and no support seems to be available at all. Does anybody know where I can locate the registration number in my Version 9? Also, Acronis Inc. I was acquainted with somebody in Customer Support in the Burlington Ma. I live close by in Massachusetts as well. I do not know what happens to men when they reach a certain level of success but now the Executive Management of Acronis are a-holes and they have now outsourced the Customer Support that was manned by Americans and provided Americans with some employment.

So the Traitors decided to bolster India’s economy, giving Indians the jobs. However if you have registered your copies of TI then the serial number will be available to you under your account log in. Your off topic argument about traitors is somewhat out of whack, as Acronis are originally a Russian company, therefore your theory is self defeating – unless of course your a a russo-american, and even then it is off kilter.

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An application may be able to delete files for which it does not have permission. A memory corruption issue was addressed with improved input validation.

Processing a maliciously crafted image may lead to arbitrary code execution. An integer overflow issue was addressed with improved input validation. This issue is fixed in tvOS A remote attacker may be able to cause unexpected application termination or arbitrary code execution. Docker Desktop installer on Windows in versions before 4.

Starting from version 4. As a result, a TAR entry may create a symlink under the expected extraction directory which points to an external directory. A subsequent TAR entry may extract an arbitrary file into the external directory using the symlink name. This however would be caught by the same targetDirPath check on Unix because of the getCanonicalPath call.

However on Windows, getCanonicalPath doesn’t resolve symbolic links, which bypasses the check. This was addressed in Apache Hadoop 3.

Deserialization of untrusted data in Veeam Agent for Windows 2. In Python before 3. The installer may allow a local attacker to add user-writable directories to the system search path. A non-administrative user can trigger a repair that incorrectly adds user-writable paths into PATH, enabling search-path hijacking of other users and system services. This affects Python CPython through 3. The Windows Registry setting allows an attacker using the Visitor Management Kiosk, an application designed for public use, to invoke an arbitrary SQL query that has been preloaded into the registry of the Windows Server to obtain sensitive information.

This issue affects: Gallagher Command Centre 8. Clash for Windows v0. Poetry v1. This vulnerability occurs when the application is ran on Windows OS.

PNPM v6. Pritunl Client through 1. Docker Desktop before 4. All versions prior to 7. Proofpoint has released fixed software version 7.

The fixed software versions are available through the customer support portal. When connecting to a certain port Axeda agent All versions and Axeda Desktop Server for Windows All versions when receiving certain input throws an exception.

Services using said function do not handle the exception. Successful exploitation of this vulnerability could allow a remote unauthenticated attacker to crash the affected product. When connecting to a certain port Axeda agent All versions and Axeda Desktop Server for Windows All versions may allow an attacker to send certain XML messages to a specific port without proper authentication.

When connecting to a certain port Axeda agent All versions and Axeda Desktop Server for Windows All versions may allow an attacker to send a certain command to a specific port without authentication. Successful exploitation of this vulnerability could allow a remote unauthenticated attacker to shut down a specific service.

When connecting to a certain port Axeda agent All versions and Axeda Desktop Server for Windows All versions supplies the event log of the specific service. Axeda agent All versions and Axeda Desktop Server for Windows All versions may allow an attacker to send certain commands to a specific port without authentication. Successful exploitation of this vulnerability could allow a remote unauthenticated attacker to obtain full file-system access and remote code execution.

Successful exploitation of this vulnerability could allow a remote authenticated attacker to take full remote control of the host operating system. An attacker must already have user privileges on Windows 7, 10, or 11 to exploit this vulnerability. Metabase is an open source business intelligence and analytics application.

If you use Windows and are on this version of Metabase, please upgrade immediately. The following patches or greater versions are available: 0. This does not affect Unix systems. The problem was introduced in version 2. Users of affected versions should upgrade to version 3. There are currently no known workarounds at this time. Netty is an open-source, asynchronous event-driven network application framework.

Final contains an insufficient fix for CVE When Netty’s multipart decoders are used local information disclosure can occur via the local system temporary directory if temporary storing uploads on the disk is enabled. This only impacts applications running on Java version 6 and lower. Additionally, this vulnerability impacts code running on Unix-like systems, and very old versions of Mac OSX and Windows as they all share the system temporary directory between all users.

Version 4. Final contains a patch for this vulnerability. Git for Windows is a fork of Git containing Windows-specific patches. Fixes are available in Git for Windows v2. This vulnerability affects users working on multi-user machines, where untrusted parties have write access to the same hard disk. Git would then respect any config in said Git directory. Users who installed posh-gitare vulnerable simply by starting a PowerShell. Users of the Microsoft fork of Git are vulnerable simply by starting a Git Bash.

The problem has been patched in Git for Windows v2. Parse Server is an open source http web server backend. In versions prior to 4. This vulnerability has been confirmed on Linux Ubuntu and Windows.

Users are advised to upgrade as soon as possible. The only known workaround is to manually patch your installation with code referenced at the source GHSA-p6hqp-jhcm. A vulnerability in Stripe CLI exists on Windows when certain commands are run in a directory where an attacker has planted files.

MacOS and Linux are unaffected. An attacker who successfully exploits the vulnerability can run arbitrary code in the context of the current user. The update addresses the vulnerability by throwing an error in these situations before the code can run. Users are advised to upgrade to version 1.

There are no known workarounds for this issue. ZZ Inc. KeyMouse Windows 3. To exploit this vulnerability, a user must trigger an update of an affected installation of KeyMouse. Windows Kerberos Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability.

Windows Win32k Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability. Windows Installer Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability. Automox Agent prior to version 37 on Windows and Linux and Version 36 on OSX could allow for a non privileged user to obtain sensitive information during the install process.

An attacker can replace those files with malicious or linked content, such as exploiting CVE on unpatched systems or using symbolic links. PingID Windows Login prior to 2. Using sensitive full permissions properties file outside of a privileged trust boundary leads to an increased risk of exposure or discovery, and an attacker could leverage these credentials to perform administrative actions against PingID APIs or endpoints.

An attacker with the ability to execute code on the target machine maybe able to exploit and spoof the local Java service using multiple attack vectors. A local privilege escalation LPE issue was discovered in the ransomware canaries features of Elastic Endpoint Security for Windows, which could allow unprivileged users to elevate their privileges to those of the LocalSystem account.

A bug was found in containerd prior to versions 1. This may bypass any policy-based enforcement on container setup including a Kubernetes Pod Security Policy and expose potentially sensitive information.

This bug has been fixed in containerd 1. Users should update to these versions to resolve the issue. This issue has been patched in commit cdcd48b. Users are advised to upgrade. In affected versions iTunesRPC-Remastered did not properly sanitize user input used to remove files leading to file deletion only limited by the process permissions.

In all versions before 7. Successful exploitation could lead to arbitrary code execution in the context of the system user. VMware Tools for Windows A malicious actor with non-administrative local user privileges in the Windows guest OS, where VMware Tools is installed, may exploit this issue leading to a denial-of-service condition or unintended information disclosure. A malicious actor with administrative access to the VMware App Control administration interface may be able to execute code on the Windows instance where AppC Server is installed by uploading a specially crafted file.

A malicious actor with local administrative privileges in the Windows guest OS, where VMware Tools is installed, may be able to execute code with system privileges in the Windows guest OS due to an uncontrolled search path element. VMware Workstation The issue exists in TrueType font parser. A malicious actor with access to a virtual machine or remote desktop may exploit this issue to trigger a denial-of-service condition in the Thinprint service running on the host machine where VMware Workstation or Horizon Client for Windows is installed.

Due to the lack of media file checks before rendering, it was possible for an attacker to cause abnormal CPU consumption for message recipient by sending specially crafted gif image in LINE for Windows before 7.

By gaining access to these files, attackers can steal sensitive information from the victims machine. The Zoom Opener installer is downloaded by a user from the Launch meeting page, when attempting to join a meeting without having the Zoom Meeting Client installed.

This vulnerability could be used to run arbitrary code on the victims host. This issue could be used in a more sophisticated attack to trick an unsuspecting users client to connect to a malicious server when attempting to use Zoom services. The Zoom Client for Meetings for Windows before version 5.

This issue could be used in a more sophisticated attack to trick a user into downgrading their Zoom client to a less secure version. This issue could be used in a more sophisticated attack to send an unsuspecting users Zoom-scoped session cookies to a non-Zoom domain.

This could potentially allow for spoofing of a Zoom user. This can allow a malicious user to break out of the current XMPP message context and create a new message context to have the receiving users client perform a variety of actions.

This issue could be used in a more sophisticated attack to forge XMPP messages from the server. The Zoom Client for Meetings for Windows prior to version 5. The Zoom Client for Meetings chat functionality was susceptible to Zip bombing attacks in the following product versions: Android before version 5. This could lead to availability issues on the client host by exhausting system resources.

This can occur if the receiving user switches to a non-chat feature and places the host in a sleep state before the sending user explodes the messages. BD Viper LT system, versions 2. If exploited, threat actors may be able to access, modify or delete sensitive information, including electronic protected health information ePHI , protected health information PHI and personally identifiable information PII.

BD Viper LT system versions 4. A memory consumption issue was addressed with improved memory handling. Processing a maliciously crafted image may lead to heap corruption. An out-of-bounds read was addressed with improved input validation. An authenticated attacker could exploit this vulnerability to cause a denial of service. Some of these operations will be performed from a SYSTEM context started via the Windows Installer service , including the execution of temporary files.

An attacker may be able to provide malicious binaries to the Windows Installer, which will be executed with high privilege, leading to a local privilege escalation. The supported version that is affected is Prior to 6. Note: This vulnerability applies to Windows systems only.

CVSS 3. Cloudflare Warp for Windows from version The fix was released in version While the vulnerability is in Oracle VM VirtualBox, attacks may significantly impact additional products. Successful attacks of this vulnerability can result in unauthorized read access to a subset of Oracle VM VirtualBox accessible data. The package github. A program using swift-corelibs-foundation is vulnerable to a denial of service attack caused by a potentially malicious source producing a JSON document containing a type mismatch.

This vulnerability is caused by the interaction between a deserialization mechanism offered by the Swift standard library, the Codable protocol; and the JSONDecoder class offered by swift-corelibs-foundation, which can deserialize types that adopt the Codable protocol based on the content of a provided JSON document.

When a type that adopts Codable requests the initialization of a field with an integer value, the JSONDecoder class uses a type-erased container with different accessor methods to attempt and coerce a corresponding JSON value and produce an integer. In the case the JSON value was a numeric literal with a floating-point portion, JSONDecoder used different type-eraser methods during validation than it did during the final casting of the value.

The checked casting produces a deterministic crash due to this mismatch. This makes the attack low-effort: sending a specifically crafted JSON document during a request to these endpoints will cause them to crash. The attack does not have any confidentiality or integrity risks in and of itself; the crash is produced deterministically by an abort function that ensures that execution does not continue in the face of this violation of assumptions.

However, unexpected crashes can lead to violations of invariants in services, so it’s possible that this attack can be used to trigger error conditions that escalate the risk. Producing a denial of service may also be the goal of an attacker in itself. This issue is solved in Swift 5. This issue was solved by ensuring that the same methods are invoked both when validating and during casting, so that no type mismatch occurs.

To upgrade a service, its owner must update to this version of the Swift toolchain, then recompile and redeploy their software. The new version of Swift includes an updated swift-corelibs-foundation package. Versions of Swift running on Darwin-based operating systems are not affected. It is possible to manipulate the Windows OS language bar to launch an OS command prompt, resulting in a context-escape from application into OS.

Local Privilege Escalation. The sensitive information has been moved to encrypted database files. A local privilege escalation vulnerability in MA for Windows prior to 5. Successful exploitation of these vulnerabilities may escalate the permission to the system user. All installations version 9. Insufficient policy enforcement in Installer in Google Chrome on Windows prior to This issue affects: Bitdefender Update Server versions prior to 3.

Bitdefender GravityZone versions prior to Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools for Linux versions prior to 6. Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools for Windows versions prior to 7. A vulnerability in Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows could allow an remote attacker to enumerate domain user accounts. An attacker could exploit this vulnerability by sending authentication requests to an affected system. A successful exploit could allow the attacker to compare the response time that are returned by the affected system to determine which accounts are valid user accounts.

Affected systems are only vulnerable if they have LDAP configured. This could lead to sensitive files being deleted and potentially cause denial of service. This attack exploits the way symlinks are created and how the product works with them.

This issue impacts all versions of Cortex XDR agent without content update or a later content update version. This issue does not impact other platforms or other versions of the Cortex XDR agent.

An information exposure through log file vulnerability exists in the Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect app on Windows that logs the cleartext credentials of the connecting GlobalProtect user when authenticating using Connect Before Logon feature. This issue impacts GlobalProtect App 5. This issue does not affect the GlobalProtect app on other platforms. This product behavior is intentional and poses no security risk when connecting to trusted GlobalProtect portals configured to use the same Single Sign-On credentials both for the local user account as well as the GlobalProtect login.

However when the credentials are different, the local account credentials are inadvertently sent to the GlobalProtect portal for authentication. A third party MITM type of attacker cannot see these credentials in transit. This vulnerability is a concern where the GlobalProtect app is deployed on Bring-your-Own-Device BYOD type of clients with private local user accounts or GlobalProtect app is used to connect to different organizations.

Fixed versions of GlobalProtect app have an app setting to prevent the transmission of the user’s local user credentials to the target GlobalProtect portal regardless of the portal configuration. This issue impacts: GlobalProtect app 5. An improper link resolution before file access ‘link following’ vulnerability exists in the Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect app on Windows that enables a local attacker to disrupt system processes and potentially execute arbitrary code with SYSTEM privileges under certain circumstances.

GlobalProtect app 5. This issue does not affect GlobalProtect app on other platforms. This issue impacts GlobalProtect app 5. This issue impacts: Cortex XDR agent 5. An improper link resolution before file access vulnerability exists in the Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDR agent on Windows platforms that enables a local user to delete arbitrary system files and impact the system integrity or cause a denial of service condition.

Tor Browser 9. This could allow local attackers to bypass the intended anonymity feature and obtain information regarding the onion services visited by a local user. This can be accomplished by analyzing RAM memory even several hours after the local user used the product. This occurs because the product doesn’t properly free memory. In Git for windows through 2.

In ListCheck. This vulnerability is due to incorrect handling of directory search paths at run time. An attacker could exploit this vulnerability by placing a malicious DLL file on the targeted system. This file will execute when the vulnerable application launches. A successful exploit could allow the attacker to execute arbitrary code on the targeted system with local administrator privileges.

The ksmbd server through 3. When Windows 10 detects this protocol violation, it disables encryption. Thinfinity VirtualUI before 3. By accessing the vector, an attacker can determine if a username exists thanks to the message returned; it can be presented in different languages according to the configuration of VirtualUI.

Common users are administrator, admin, guest and krgtbt. This issue only affects Windows. This issue can be exploited by an adversary who has already compromised a valid Windows account on the server via separate means. In this scenario, the compromised account may have inherited read access to sensitive configuration, database, and log files. Local privilege escalation due to DLL hijacking vulnerability. Local privilege escalation via named pipe due to improper access control checks.

Stored cross-site scripting XSS was possible in protection plan details. Stored cross-site scripting XSS was possible in activity details. Cross-site scripting XSS was possible in notification pop-ups. Self cross-site scripting XSS was possible on devices page. DLL hijacking could lead to denial of service.

DLL hijacking could lead to local privilege escalation. A improper initialization in Fortinet FortiClient Windows version 6. An issue was discovered in Reprise RLM Exploitation does not require CVE, because the license file is meant to be changed in the application.

As the session cookies are small, an attacker can hijack any existing sessions by bruteforcing the 4 hex-character session cookie on the Windows version the Linux version appears to have 8 characters. An attacker can obtain the static part of the cookie cookie name by first making a request to any page on the application e. The attacker can then use the name of the cookie and try to request that same page, setting a random value for the cookie.

If any user has an active session, the page should return with the authorized content, when a valid cookie value is hit. Allegro WIndows 3. Affected versions of Atlassian Confluence Server and Data Center allow authenticated local attackers to achieve elevated privileges on the local system via a DLL Hijacking vulnerability in the Confluence installer.

The affected versions are before version 7. Prior to version 2. A malicious user can potentially read any file on the file system by crafting a special URL that allows for directory traversal.

This is only possible on a Wiki. Commit number de9dff66ae3ffa9d85 fixes this vulnerability by sanitizing the path before it is passed on to the storage module.

The sanitization step removes any windows directory traversal sequences from the path. As a workaround, disable any storage module with local asset caching capabilities Local File System, Git. Automox Agent before 32 on Windows incorrectly sets permissions on a temporary directory.

Automox Agent 33 on Windows incorrectly sets permissions on a temporary directory. An issue was discovered in Kaseya Unitrends Backup Appliance before The Unitrends Windows agent was vulnerable to DLL injection and binary planting due to insecure default permissions.

Due to improper privilege management, the process launches as the logged in user, so memory dump can be done by non-admin also. Remotely, an attacker can dump all sensitive information including DB Connection string, entire IT infrastructure details, commands executed by IT admin including credentials, secrets, private keys and more. Because of the designed password reset mechanism, any non-admin Windows user can reset the password of the Remote Access Plus Server Admin account.

The installation directory is vulnerable to weak file permissions by allowing full control for Windows Everyone user group non-admin or any guest users , thereby allowing privilege escalation, unauthorized password reset, stealing of sensitive data, access to credentials in plaintext, access to registry values, tampering with configuration files, etc. The code will run with normal user privileges unless the user specifically runs ShowMyPC as administrator.

A misconfiguration in the node default path allows for local privilege escalation from a lower privileged user to the Splunk user in Splunk Enterprise versions before 8. The shell-quote package before 1. An attacker can inject unescaped shell metacharacters through a regex designed to support Windows drive letters.

If the output of this package is passed to a real shell as a quoted argument to a command with exec , an attacker can inject arbitrary commands. Several shell metacharacters exist in the space between capital letter Z and lower case letter a, such as the backtick character.

This may allow an authorized local user to insert arbitrary code into the unquoted service path and escalate privileges. The plugin attempts to prevent PHP and other similar files that could be executed on the server from being uploaded by checking the file extension.

It was discovered that on Windows servers, the security checks in place were insufficient, enabling bad actors to potentially upload backdoors on vulnerable sites.

A user of a machine protected by SafeNet Agent for Windows Logon may leverage weak entropy to access the encrypted credentials of any or all the users on that machine. An issue was discovered in Allegro Windows formerly Popsy Windows before 3. This issue affects: Bitdefender Total Security versions prior to Bitdefender Internet Security versions prior to Bitdefender Antivirus Plus versions prior to This also affects the CGI gem before 0.

A vulnerability in Snow Snow Agent for Windows allows a non-admin user to cause arbitrary deletion of files. This issue affects: Snow Snow Agent for Windows version 5. Hangfire is an open source system to perform background job processing in a. NET or. NET Core applications. No Windows Service or separate process required.

Dashboard UI in Hangfire. Core uses authorization filters to protect it from showing sensitive data to unauthorized users. However due to the recent changes, in version 1. Patched versions 1. Please upgrade to the newest version in order to mitigate the issue.

Starting with qutebrowser v1. Only Windows installs where qutebrowser is registered as URL handler are affected. The issue has been fixed in qutebrowser v2. The fix also adds additional hardening for potential similar issues on Linux by adding the new –untrusted-args flag to the. Composer is an open source dependency manager for the PHP language. In affected versions windows users running Composer to install untrusted dependencies are subject to command injection and should upgrade their composer version.

The issue has been resolved in composer versions 1. There are no workarounds for this issue. An issue was discovered in Listary through 6. Listary will automatically access the named pipe and the attacker will be able to duplicate the victim’s token to impersonate him. This exploit is valid in certain Windows versions Microsoft has patched the issue in later Windows 10 builds.

This issue has been addressed in aws-c-io submodule versions 0. Clementine Music Player through 1. The vulnerability is triggered when the user opens a crafted MP3 file or loads a remote stream URL that is mishandled by Clementine.

Attackers could exploit this issue to cause a crash DoS of the clementine. With this highly sensitive data leaked, the attacker would be able to logon to the backend system the SAP GUI for Windows was connected to and launch further attacks depending on the authorizations of the user. This vulnerability is due to incorrect privilege assignment to scripts executed before user logon.

An attacker could exploit this vulnerability by configuring a script to be executed before logon. However, on case-insensitive file systems such as macOS and Windows , this is not the case. Anyone using npm v7. Microsoft introduced a new feature in Windows 10 known as Cloud Clipboard which, if enabled, will record data copied to the clipboard to the cloud, and make it available on other computers in certain scenarios.

Applications that wish to prevent copied data from being recorded in Cloud History must use specific clipboard formats; and Firefox before versions 94 and ESR This could have caused sensitive data to be recorded to a user’s Microsoft account. Other operating systems are unaffected. Barco MirrorOp Windows Sender before 2. An attacker on the local network can achieve remote code execution on any computer that tries to update Windows Sender due to the fact that the upgrade mechanism is not secured is not protected with TLS.

This is fixed in 3. Acronis Cyber Protect 15 for Windows prior to build allowed local privilege escalation via binary hijacking. Inappropriate implementation in Sandbox in Google Chrome prior to Inappropriate implementation in Navigation in Google Chrome on Windows prior to It was discovered that on Windows operating systems specifically, Kibana was not validating a user supplied path, which would load.

Because of this, a malicious user could arbitrarily traverse the Kibana host to load internal files ending in the. Thanks to Dominic Couture for finding this vulnerability. Local privilege escalation in Windows products of ESET allows user who is logged into the system to exploit repair feature of the installer to run malicious code with higher privileges. Docker Desktop before 3. If a low-privileged account is able to access the server running the Windows containers, it can lead to a full container compromise in both process isolation and Hyper-V isolation modes.

This security issue leads an attacker with low privilege to read, write and possibly even execute code inside the containers. The npm package “tar” aka node-tar before versions 4.

These issues were addressed in releases 4. The v3 branch of node-tar has been deprecated and did not receive patches for these issues. If you are still using a v3 release we recommend you update to a more recent version of node-tar.

There is no reasonable way to work around this issue without performing the same path normalization procedures that node-tar now does. Users are encouraged to upgrade to the latest patched versions of node-tar, rather than attempt to sanitize paths themselves. This is, in part, achieved by ensuring that extracted directories are not symlinks. Additionally, in order to prevent unnecessary stat calls to determine whether a given path is a directory, paths are cached when directories are created.

This logic was insufficient when extracting tar files that contained both a directory and a symlink with names containing unicode values that normalized to the same value. Additionally, on Windows systems, long path portions would resolve to the same file system entities as their 8.

A specially crafted tar archive could thus include a directory with one form of the path, followed by a symbolic link with a different string that resolves to the same file system entity, followed by a file using the first form.

By first creating a directory, and then replacing that directory with a symlink that had a different apparent name that resolved to the same entry in the filesystem, it was thus possible to bypass node-tar symlink checks on directories, essentially allowing an untrusted tar file to symlink into an arbitrary location and subsequently extracting arbitrary files into that location, thus allowing arbitrary file creation and overwrite.

If this is not possible, a workaround is available in the referenced GHSA-qqhq3fp. In FreeRDP before 2. This can lead to code execution if a ZIP element’s pathname is set to a Windows startup folder, a file for the inbuilt Out-Going Message function, or a file for the the inbuilt Autodial function. The application deserialises untrusted data without sufficient validations, that could result in an arbitrary deserialization.

This could allow an unauthenticated attacker to execute code in the affected system. This issue affects: Bitdefender GravityZone version 7. Dell SupportAssist Client Consumer versions 3. Symbolic links can be created by any non-privileged user under some object directories, but by themselves are not sufficient to successfully escalate privileges. However, combining them with a different object, such as the NTFS junction point allows for the exploitation.

Support assist clean files functionality do not distinguish junction points from the physical folder and proceeds to clean the target of the junction that allows nonprivileged users to create junction points and delete arbitrary files on the system which can be accessed only by the admin. The Windows version of Multipass before 1. A flaw was found in the hivex library.

The highest threat from this vulnerability is to system availability. LINE for Windows 6. OpenVPN before version 2. An issue was discovered in Digi RealPort for Windows through 4. A buffer overflow exists in the handling of ADDP discovery response messages. This could result in arbitrary code execution. Incorrect Default Permissions vulnerability in the bdservicehost. Bitdefender Total Security versions prior to 7. Supported versions that are affected are 8.

Easily exploitable vulnerability allows unauthenticated attacker with network access via multiple protocols to compromise MySQL Server. Successful attacks of this vulnerability can result in unauthorized ability to cause a hang or frequently repeatable crash complete DOS of MySQL Server. Note: This vulnerability does not apply to Windows systems. An attacker in the local network is able to achieve Remote Code Execution with user privileges of the local user on any device that tries to connect to a WePresent presentation system.

Emote Interactive Remote Mouse 3. It binds to local ports to listen for incoming connections. The vulnerability in SolarWinds Pingdom can be described as a failure to invalidate user session upon password or email address change. When running multiple active sessions in separate browser windows, it was observed a password or email address change could be changed without terminating the user session.

This issue has been resolved on September 13, If exploited, a threat actor may be able to gain privileged access to the machine hosting Serv-U Only. Unisys Stealth 5. An unintended executable might run. A flaw was found in the hivex library in versions before 1.

An attacker could input a specially crafted Windows Registry hive file which would cause hivex to read memory beyond its normal bounds or cause the program to crash.

TeamViewer before Sensitive information could be logged. A vulnerability in the AppDynamics. This vulnerability is due to the. An attacker with local access to a device that is running the vulnerable agent could create a custom process that would be launched with those SYSTEM privileges. A successful exploit could allow the attacker to execute arbitrary commands on the underlying operating system.

This vulnerability is fixed in AppDynamics. NET Agent Release A remote and unauthenticated attacker can bypass cloud authentication to connect and control a system via TCP port and The encryption is done using a hard-coded static key and is therefore reversible by an attacker.

A man in the middle can recover a system’s Personal Key when a client attempts to make a LAN connection. The Personal Key is transmitted over the network while only being encrypted via a substitution cipher. A null pointer dereference vulnerability in Lenovo Power Management Driver for Windows 10, prior to version 1. A privilege escalation vulnerability in Lenovo Power Management Driver for Windows 10, prior to version 1.

PHPMailer before 6. An unauthenticated attacker with physical access to a computer with NetSetMan Pro before 5. To accomplish this, the attacker can navigate to cmd.

A vulnerability was discovered in the Keybase Client for Windows before version 5. In versions prior to 5. The Zoom Client for Meetings before version 5. This issue could be used to potentially gain insight into arbitrary areas of the product’s memory. This can potentially allow a malicious actor to crash the service or application, or leverage this vulnerability to execute arbitrary code. The Keybase Client for Windows before version 5. A malicious user could upload a file to a shared folder with a specially crafted file name which could allow a user to execute an application which was not intended on their host machine.

If a malicious user leveraged this issue with the public folder sharing feature of the Keybase client, this could lead to remote code execution. The Zoom Client for Meetings for Windows installer before version 5. During the installation process for all versions of the Zoom Client for Meetings for Windows before 5. If the installer was launched with elevated privileges such as by SCCM this can result in a local privilege escalation.

The Zoom Client for Meetings for Windows in all versions before version 5. This could allow for potential privilege escalation if a link was created between the user writable directory used and a non-user writable directory.

The Zoom Client for Meetings for Windows in all versions before 5. This could lead to remote code execution in an elevated privileged context.

Tencent GameLoop before 4. Because the only integrity check would be a comparison of the downloaded file’s MD5 checksum to the one contained within the XML document, the downloaded executable would then be executed on the victim’s machine. PuTTY before 0. NoMachine for Windows prior to version 6. Emby Server is a personal media server with apps on many devices. In Emby Server on Windows there is a set of arbitrary file read vulnerabilities.

This vulnerability is known to exist in version 4. For more details including proof of concept code, refer to the referenced GHSL This issue may lead to unauthorized access to the system especially when Emby Server is configured to be accessible from the Internet. In versions prior to 2. This issue is fixed in versions 2. Acronis True Image prior to Update 4 for Windows allowed local privilege escalation due to improper soft link handling issue 2 of 2. Acronis True Image prior to Update 5 for Windows allowed local privilege escalation due to insecure folder permissions.

Acronis True Image prior to Update 4 for Windows allowed local privilege escalation due to improper soft link handling issue 1 of 2. EmTec ZOC through 8. In other words, it does not implement a usleep or similar delay upon processing a title change.

An elevation of privilege vulnerability in the message broker of BlackBerry Protect for Windows version s versions and earlier could allow an attacker to potentially execute code in the context of a BlackBerry Cylance service that has admin rights on the system.

A low privileged delete vulnerability using CEF RPC server of BlackBerry Protect for Windows version s versions and earlier could allow an attacker to potentially execute code in the context of a BlackBerry Cylance service that has admin rights on the system and gaining the ability to delete data from the local system. A denial of service vulnerability in the message broker of BlackBerry Protect for Windows version s versions and earlier could allow an attacker to potentially execute code in the context of a BlackBerry Cylance service that has admin rights on the system.

A user with permission to log on to the machine hosting the AXIS Device Manager client could under certain conditions extract a memory dump from the built-in Windows Task Manager application. The memory dump may potentially contain credentials of connected Axis devices. In JetBrains TeamCity before The malicious clean. An attacker may exploit the vulnerability to obtain a reverse shell which can lead to privilege escalation to obtain root privileges.

The configuration of Archiving through the User interface incorrectly allowed the creation of directories and files in Windows system directories and other locations where sensitive data could be overwritten. Improper access control vulnerability in the repair process for McAfee Agent for Windows prior to 5.

This would result in elevation of privileges and the ability to execute arbitrary code as the system user, through not correctly protecting a temporary directory used in the repair process and not checking the DLL signature. This is caused by the destination buffer being of fixed size and incorrect checks being made on the source size.

This would result in the user gaining elevated permissions and the ability to execute arbitrary code as the system user, through not checking the DLL signature. A vulnerability in the preloading mechanism of specific dynamic link libraries in McAfee Agent for Windows prior to 5. To exploit this vulnerability, the attacker would need to have valid credentials on the Windows system. This would result in the user gaining elevated permissions and being able to execute arbitrary code.

Improper privilege management vulnerability in McAfee Agent for Windows prior to 5. This allows a local user to either add false events or remove events from the event logs prior to them being sent to the ePO server.

Improper privilege management vulnerability in maconfig for McAfee Agent for Windows prior to 5. The utility was able to be run from any location on the file system and by a low privileged user. When the Windows Tentacle docker image starts up it logs all the commands that it runs along with the arguments, which writes the Octopus Server API key in plaintext.

This does not affect the Linux Docker image. Aviatrix VPN Client before 2. A successful exploit could allow an attacker to view user information and application data. Within the Open-AudIT up to version 3. By using Developer tools or similar, it is possible to change the obfuscation so that the credentials are visible.

Go before 1. Multiple memory corruption issues were addressed with improved memory handling. This issue is fixed in iOS Processing maliciously crafted web content may lead to arbitrary code execution.

This issue was addressed with improved checks. This issue is fixed in Security Update Catalina, iTunes Use after free in dialog box handling in Windows in Google Chrome prior to Use after free in sensor handling in Google Chrome on Windows prior to A stack-based buffer overflow vulnerability exists in the Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect app that enables a man-in-the-middle attacker to disrupt system processes and potentially execute arbitrary code with SYSTEM privileges.

Ivanti Avalanche Premise 6. Zoom Chat through on Windows and macOS allows certain remote authenticated attackers to execute arbitrary code without user interaction. An attacker must be within the same organization, or an external party who has been accepted as a contact. Cortex XDR agent 5. Content updates are required to resolve this issue and are automatically applied for the agent.

This requires the user to have the privilege to create files in the Windows root directory or to manipulate key registry values. Kaseya VSA before 9. By default Kaseya VSA on premise offers a download page where the clients for the installation can be downloaded. When drawing text onto a canvas with WebRender disabled, an out of bounds read could occur. This could be used to prevent the browser update service from operating if an attacker spammed the ‘Stop’ command ; but also exposed attack surface in the maintenance service.

In Gradle before version 7. Gradle builds could be vulnerable to a local privilege escalation from an attacker quickly deleting and recreating files in the system temporary directory. If you are on Windows or modern versions of macOS, you are not vulnerable. If you are on a Unix-like operating system with the “sticky” bit set on your system temporary directory, you are not vulnerable.

The problem has been patched and released with Gradle 7. As a workaround, on Unix-like operating systems, ensure that the “sticky” bit is set. This only allows the original user or root to delete a file. The new path needs to limit permissions to the build user only. For additional details refer to the referenced GitHub Security Advisory. An issue was discovered in PortSwigger Burp Suite before During viewing of a malicious request, it can be manipulated into issuing a request that does not respect its upstream proxy configuration.

By adding files to an existing installation’s directory, a local attacker could hijack accounts of other users running Erlang programs or possibly coerce a service running with “erlsrv. This can occur only under specific conditions on Windows with unsafe filesystem permissions. This vulnerability could be exploited locally by a user with high privileges to execute malware that may lead to a loss of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

In Ruby through 3. It will execute git. In Chris Walz bit before 1. The text-to-speech engine in libretro RetroArch for Windows 1. Mintty before 3. MobaXterm before The affected component can be abused to execute the malicious software inserted by the attacker with the elevated privileges of the component.

This vulnerability results from the affected component searching for run-time artifacts outside of the installation hierarchy. Zoom through 5. When a user shares a specific application window via the Share Screen functionality, other meeting participants can briefly see contents of other application windows that were explicitly not shared.

The contents of these other windows can for instance be seen for a short period of time when they overlay the shared window and get into focus. An attacker can, of course, use a separate screen-recorder application, unsupported by Zoom, to save all such contents for later replays and analysis.

Depending on the unintentionally shared data, this short exposure of screen contents may be a more or less severe security issue.

Web Firewall A DLL for a custom payload within a legitimate binary e. All versions before 7. Agents for Windows and Cloud are not affected. ConnectSecure on Windows is affected. An insecure client auto update feature in C-CURE can allow remote execution of lower privileged Windows programs. BMP files received from untrusted sources in SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer, the application crashes and becomes temporarily unavailable to the user until restart of the application.

Snow Inventory Agent through 6. A privilege-escalation vulnerability exists if CPUID is enabled, and thus it should be disabled via configuration settings. The Terminate Session feature in the Telegram application through 7. A denial-of-service issue existed in one of modules that was incorporated in Kaspersky Anti-Virus products for home and Kaspersky Endpoint Security. A local user could cause Windows crash by running a specially crafted binary module. The fix was delivered automatically.

An issue was discovered in Visualware MyConnection Server before v This application is written in Java and is thus cross-platform. Cleartext transmission of sensitive information in Netop Vision Pro up to and including 9. Local privilege escalation vulnerability in Windows clients of Netop Vision Pro up to and including 9. A local authenticated escalation of privilege vulnerability was discovered in Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager version s : Prior to 6.

A vulnerability in ClearPass OnGuard could allow local authenticated users on a Windows platform to elevate their privileges.

In VembuBDR before 4. An attacker could replace the. A missing input validation in Samsung Flow Windows application prior to Version 4. In SolarWinds Serv-U before An unprivileged Windows user having access to the server’s filesystem can add an FTP user by copying a valid profile file to this directory. The Cost Calculator WordPress plugin through 1. M1 to 9. An issue was discovered in Devolutions Server before There is Broken Authentication with Windows domain users.

This is achieved by launching applications, suspending them, modifying the memory and restarting them when they are monitored by McAfee DLP through the hdlphook driver. This is triggered by the hdlphook driver reading invalid memory. This varies by machine and had partial protection prior to this update. This is only applicable to clean installations of ENS as the Access Control rules will prevent modification prior to up an upgrade.

To exploit this, the local user has to access the relevant memory location immediately after an ENS administrator has made a configuration change through the console on their machine. Keybase Desktop Client before 5. Local filesystem access is needed by the attacker. Successful attacks of this vulnerability can result in unauthorized ability to cause a hang or frequently repeatable crash complete DOS of Oracle VM VirtualBox.

On version 7. Addressing this issue requires both the client and server fixes. In Edge Client version 7. User interaction is required to exploit this vulnerability in that the victim must run this utility on the Windows system.

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This software is able to recover all types of deleted data from hard disks, laptops, digital cameras, flash disks, memory cards and… with a high chance. It does not matter how your information was deleted! This information may have been accidentally deleted, and you may have lost some of your data due to a general partition format; In any case, Do Your Data Recovery can recover all your deleted data. Like other recovery software, this program allows you to recover your deleted data in different scenarios in a few simple and easy clicks.

Recovering deleted data from Windows Recycle Bin, deleting data due to system crash, permanent deletion, computer virus attacks, memory formatting. This program can scan your hard disk, memory card or flash drive at a very high speed and quickly display the recovered data so that you can select and save the information you need from it.

As you know, many recovery software perform a long-term scan to recover data, and sometimes in the end can not recover the information desired by the user. This program is able to recover lost passwords from websites, emails, social networks, etc. For example, if you forget your login details on websites such as Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon, Edge, Google Gmail, this software can quickly recover this information for you. This program is compatible with different versions of Windows and has the ability to retrieve any file.

This package includes programs for recovering data from flash drives such as USB and uses the most advanced algorithms for this purpose. The unfortunate scenario of deleting information, for all of you, may have happened so far or it may happen in the future, God forbid! In such cases, the first thing to consider is to stay cool and then not write new information on the memory!

Then you can choose a powerful tool to recover your data. Users can use this software to recover and save your deleted information such as pictures, audio files, video files, text messages, phone numbers.

A program to recover forgotten passwords easily. It provides the ability to change passwords for windows, PDF files, zip, rar and all Microsoft Office programs. As well as retrieving all social media accounts, email accounts, web browsers, FTP tools and many other applications. If you have recently accidentally lost some of your important data from computer systems, we suggest you to recover all of them in a short time using this program!

This software gives you the ability to easily retrieve and store all types of data from your hard drive, flash memory, memory cards, camera memory, and so on. This program can solve all the problems related to data corruption and errors in Windows and provide you with the conditions to be able to access your information on the drives again.

This program can restore all kinds of documents, emails, pictures, videos, etc. With this program, you can restore and recover your lost documents, images, videos, and many files. If your sensitive files have been deleted due to formatting, don’t worry because you can easily restore them with this program.

High standards program to edit videos and add visual effects. Animates pictures and provides many abilities to incorporate many items into one final output. The all files manager like images, audios and videos. Helps keep track of the files and arrange them as well as the ability to edit them easily. Adobe Connect is a web conferencing platform that enables online lessons, meetings, classes and sharing documents and polls and much more.

Quickly launch and update your desktop apps, manage and share your assets stored in Creative Cloud and download fonts and many more features with Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App. The powerful flash player that plays all sorts of flash files and effects needed in all systems. Solves all video playing problems. A tool to make lessons and tutorials and add different multimedia elements such as images and videos with effects.

Can be used easily with professional tools. Autodesk Products. Autodesk 3ds Max v Name : Autodesk 3ds Max. Description: A program to design 3D drawings professionally. Version: v Size: 6,4 GB. Core Type: 64Bit.

Name : Autodesk Advance Steel. Description: Design and modeling program for metal structures and drawing structural elements. Version: Size: 2,6 GB.

Name : Autodesk Alias SpeedForm. Description: A program for Engineering designs. Size: ,24 MB. Description: one of the most popular programs for designing wood, metal and other materials.

Version: Premium Size: 1,47 GB. Direct Download. Description: A computer-aided drawing and design program that supports 2D and 3D graphic designs bit. Size: Size: MB. Core Type: 32Bit. Name : Autodesk Auto. Description: A computer-aided drawing and design program that supports 2D and 3D graphic designs. Size: 1,8 GB. Version: LT. Size: 1,4 GB. Size: 2,2 GB. Size: 1,6 GB. Size: 2. Size: ,85 MB. Size: 66,08 MB. Size: ,32 MB. Size: ,35 MB. Size: ,54 MB. Size: ,89 MB.

Size: 2,04 GB. Size: 3. Size: 1,39 GB. Size: 1,52 GB. Size: 1. Size: 1,31 GB. Size: 2,35 GB. Size: 2,40 GB. Size: 1,73 GB.

Size: 2,1 GB. Size: 1,92 GB. Size: 2,70 GB. Description: Autocad famous architecture program, latest version 64 bit. Size: 3,2 GB. Description: Autocad famous architecture program, latest version 32 bit. Description: The most powerful software in road planning and design where you can from longitudinal road design as well as cross section, vertical and horizontal curves and more. Size: 2,8 GB. Description: Autodesk AutoCAD Design Suite helps you create stunning designs, connect easily with stakeholders, and streamline entire workflows.

Size: 5,02 GB. Size: 7,2 GB. Description: AutoCAD Electric is for electrical engineers to help them design electrical systems and networks through a set of options and tools 32 bits. Size: 2,01 GB. Description: AutoCAD Electric a program for electrical engineers to help them design electrical systems and networks through a set of options and tools bit. Size: 2,9 GB. Description: Autocad program to draw 3D architectural plans.

Description: The famous Autocad program that is used to draw mechanical parts and diagrams bit. Size: 4,7 GB. Description: Program for mechanical and electrical designers and planners of plumbing installations and for the design, processing and installation of 3D models and graphics bit.

Size: 3,44 GB. Version: SP1. Size: 2,32 GB. Description: A program that provides a 3D version of engineering designs for different departments of engineering. Description: a new and very useful program from Autodesk company to work on raster pixel images with the possibility of converting them into vector images.

Size: 0,83 GB. Description: One of the best and most professional programs for 3D designing. Size: ,2 MB. Size: ,03 MB. Size: ,42 MB. Name : Autodesk CFD. Description: Fluid simulation and heat simulation software from Autodesk bit.

Version: Ultimate Size: 1,14 GB. Description: The most popular PCB program to draw printable circuit boards in skill and efficiency bit.

Version: Premium 9. Size: ,3 MB. Description: Software for creating more accurate detailed models, generating better estimates, and helping to make the electromagnetic manufacturing process. Size: ,1 MB. Description: Manufacturing and production management software is a powerful tool used to efficiently produce HVAC systems bit. Size: 1,1 GB.

Description: Collection of software applications from Autodesk for modeling and calculations related to the cost of engineering structures. Description: Program specializing in the programming of cutting movements Toolpaths for CNC machines and contains smart algorithms to produce effective cutting lines. Size: 1,2 GB. Description: Engineering program to improve finite element analysis of compound structures, including progressive failure analysis.

Description: The first program for mechanics, designs, modifications, and engineering plans. Size: ,8 MB.

Name : Autodesk InfraWorks. Description: One of the best programs to design roads, bridges and 3D infrastructure in real-time bit. Size: 3,8 GB. Name : Autodesk Inventor. Description: Autodesk’s popular program Inventor, which competes with solidworks, with its dynamic and interactive designs for complex mechanical devices bit. Version: Professional Size: 4,9 GB.

Description: A program that designs machines and mechanical complex devices interactively. Version: Ult Size: ,5 MB. Name : Autodesk Inventor Nastran. Description: Linear and non-linear pressure analysis software, dynamics, and heat transfer for mechanical components bit. Name : Autodesk Maya.

Description: 3D graphics and 3D modeling software package for the movie and television industry, as well as video games and architecture bit. Size: 2,3 GB. Name : Autodesk Moldflow Adviser. Description: The famous simulation program from Autodesk bit. Name : Autodesk Moldflow Insight. Size: 1,19 GB.

Name : Autodesk Moldflow Synergy. Size: 1,42 GB. Name : Autodesk MotionBuilder. Description: Program from Autodesk to build 3D animated characters bit. Name : Autodesk Mudbox. Description: Wonderful sculpting program designed by professional artists in the film, games, and design industries. Size: 0,87 GB. Name : Autodesk Nastran. Version: R1. Description: A program for mechanical simulation, one of Autocads programs. Size: 1,29 GB. Name : Autodesk Navisworks Freedom.

Description: The most famous program in the engineering field to create reviews on designs. Size: ,70 MB. Name : Autodesk Navisworks Manage. Description: A software that supports coordination and analysis and can integrate designs from different departments bit. Size: 3,5 GB. Name : Autodesk Navisworks Simulate.

Size: 2,7 GB. Name : Autodesk Netfabb. Description: Powerful 3D cutting and troubleshooting software to prepare for 3D printers. Version: Ultimate R0. Version: Standard R0. Size: ,76 MB. Version: Premium R2. Size: 1,38 GB. Name : Autodesk PartMaker. Description: Program for planning and improving CNC machines and machines. Version: SP2. Size: ,19 MB. Name : Autodesk Power Inspect. Description: Engineering program Power Inspect 64 bit.

Size: ,0 MB. Name : Autodesk PowerMill. Description: A software to program robots movements and CNC machines that support 4 and 5 axis models. Name : Autodesk PowerShape. Description: Engineering program from Atodsk 64 bits. Name : Autodesk ReCap. Description: A program to convert your files and photos to 3D shapes bit. Version: Pro Size: 1,46 GB. Name : Autodesk ReMake. Description: One of the most important software designed to create 3D models and projects from images. Size: ,27 MB.

Name : Autodesk Revit. Description: The famous full modeling program. Size: 11,2 GB. Size: 4,1 GB. Description: The famous full modeling program bit. Size: 5,30 GB. Size: 8,5 GB. Name : Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis. Description: The famous program to represent and design metal and concrete structures with all its details, 64 bits.

Name : Autodesk Showcase. Description: A program that makes many tools easy to use and available, it is a three-dimensional display program bit. Size: 4,66 GB. Description: Integration program with Autodesk simulation suite and full CAD system analysis to meet global standards.

Size: ,02 MB. Name : Autodesk SketchBook. Description: The digital drawing program from Autodisk bit. Version: Pro for Enterprise Version: Pro v8. Name : Autodesk Stingray. Description: Games’ engine that competes with famous engines such as Unreal and Unity. Version: 1.

Size: 1,02 GB. Name : Autodesk Structural Bridge Design. Description: Structural bridging design program is only available in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction package. Version: Full. Name : Autodesk Vault. Description: Basic Server data management software. Version: Pro Server Size: 2,38 GB. Description: Workgroup for data management. Version: Workgroup Size: ,90 MB. Description: Pro Client for data management. Version: Pro Client Size: 2 GB. Description: Professional for data management.

Version: Professional Client v Name : Autodesk Vehicle Tracking. Description: All in one transport analysis program, design and path analysis for vehicles. Description: One of the most powerful reality and cinematic directing programs for 3D images and combining them with fixed images to look realistic.

Version: Presenter Size: ,6 MB. Size: 1,7 GB. Browsers and Plugins. Abelssoft GClean GoogleClean v Description: One of google’s tools to scan data. Size: 9,1 MB. Description: useful software in the field of managing and viewing Wi-Fi networks near you, about which you can see a lot of information. Version: 4. Size: 3,4 MB. Name : Adguard. Description: A program to block unwanted internet ads and increase the speed and security of websites.

Version: Pre v7. Size: 22,4 MB. Description: software with which the user can search for the content related to the risk of plagiarism on the web. Version: v4. Size: 2,4 MB. Name : Avant Browser. Description: Avant web browser, recommended for SVU students. Version: Build 2 5.

Size: 4,3 MB. Description: Avant web browser. Version: Build 3, 3. Size: 4,4 MB. Name : Baidu Spark Browser. Description: Baidu browser. Version: v8. Size: 31,5 MB. Name : BitTorrent. Description: BitTorrent to download torrent files. Version: 7. Size: 4. Name : Blue Iris. Description: application that allows you to view and manage images received from one or more CCTV cameras and webcams online, and even change their settings.

Version: v5. Size: ,7 MB. Name : Brave Browser. Description: A newly launched browser which is based on chromium open-source system. Version: v1. Size: 96,7 MB. Size: 92,0 MB. Name : Catsxp. Description: a new chromium-based web browser with a focus on security, privacy and simplicity, which has gained a lot of popularity among users in the short time since its release.

Version: 2. Size: 75,1 MB. Size: 78,5 MB. Name : Cent Browser. Description: Fastest and lightest browser. Can download from youtube without any external programs. Version: 3. Size: 59,03 MB. Name : Chrome Cleanup Tool. Description: A tool to clean and maintain Chrome Browser. Size: 5,68 MB. Name : Chromium. Description: Open-source web browser. Name : Comodo Dragon Internet Browser. Description: A light and fast browser based on Google Chrome 32 bit.

Description: A light and fast browser based on Google Chrome. Name : Comodo Ice Dragon. Description: An open source web browser based on firefox. Size: 77,0 MB. Name : Comodo IceDragon. Size: 79,1 MB. Name : Cryptomator. Description: a new and useful software with the help of which you can keep the information in the cloud as safe as possible. Size: 52,1 MB. Name : DriversCloud. Description: a free, easy-to-use software for finding and downloading the latest drivers for hardware products.

Size: 8,9 MB. Size: 9,7 MB. Name : DU Meter. Description: An important tool to monitor internet usage. Supports all windows OS versions. Size: 6. Name : ExpanDrive. Description: A powerful program that can connect to your cloud accounts Amazon S3, OneDrive, Dropbox and transfer different data from your device to the cloud. Name : Falkon. Description: The latest version from Falkon 32 bit.

Size: 54,9 MB. Description: The latest version from Falkon 64 bit. Size: 62,9 MB. Name : Ghostery Dawn. Description: a new, secure and very fast internet browser with a focus on user privacy while surfing the web, which allows the user to stop the activity of any malicious advertisements and crackers.

Size: 56,6 MB. Description: The client is for Google Voice Assistant. Size: ,4 MB. Name : Google Chrome. Description: The latest version from Google Chrome 64 bit.