Tips for maintaining and storing your Kolhapuri Chappals

Tips for maintaining and storing your Kolhapuri Chappals

Kolhapuri chappals are made of leather cured and tanned using only natural ingredients. They do not use chemicals, and these chappals are entirely handmade. There is a plethora of Kolhapuri chappals for men to choose from. However, it is also crucial to protect their wear and tear as they turn soft after contact with the body heat and the sweat of the person wearing these chappals.

Following are some tips to maintain the Kolhapuri chappals-

Avoid packing the chappals for a long time

It is imperative to refrain from packing them for a long time as they would eventually result in a layer of moss-like substance covering your slippers. It is usually advised to sun-dry these Kolhapuri chappals for men for about an hour. After drying them, you should immediately wipe them off with a dry cloth. The leather of the chappal might also tan. However, this is a natural sign of genuine leather. Kolhapuri chappals for men are made with pure leather and they need to be taken care of.

Oil your chappals

Pour two tablespoons of coconut oil into a bowl. It would be best if you dip a soft cotton cloth in the oil and then gently rub it on the chappals. You should also ensure that your chappals, including the sole, are correctly covered in the oil. This oil also acts as a shield against moisture in the air. At the same time also helps in maintaining the shine as well as the softness of the leather. However, you should not overdo it as it will result in a slippery surface beneath and difficulty walking.

Use a promising waterproofing compound.

Raw leather does not mix well with water. Leather has a natural amount of water resistance. However, when drenched, the impact could be devastating. Thus, after the material dries, it stiffens, and its soft surface might be destroyed. You should choose a brand or viscosity that does not affect these Kolhapuri chappals for men.

Dry out the water

It is crucial to dry out the water from these handmade leather chappals. Or else It could result in the leather forming cracks. Hence, if you want to extend the life of your collection, you should dry out the water.

Wrap the Kolhapuri chappals in a newspaper

Once you apply oil to your Kolhapuri chappals, you should wrap them in old paper and keep them facing opposite directions. After that, you should fasten the newspaper with an elastic rubber band. After doing this, you should place the wrapped chappal in a cotton bag and keep it in a dry place.

It is a fact that a good quality Kolhapuri Chappal is made from genuine leather, and if the chappal is not properly cared for, it can become a breeding ground for fungus. It might happen because of the trapped moisture. One can easily avoid this by storing them in a place that is dry.